Look Out Behind You: Seven Great Thrillers That Revisit the Past

Seven Great Thrillers That Revisit the PastOne of the great things about being a mystery reader is all the exciting sub-genres. There’s the locked room mystery, where a seemingly impossible crime has been committed; the isolated mystery, where characters in peril are cut off from the world; the amnesia mysteries, where a character can’t remember what happened. But one of the most popular sub-genres of mystery is certainly when a character returns home to revisit the past. You can go home again—but something or someone from your past will probably want to kill you.

You know the genre. An illness or death in the family, or a job, brings the main character back to the hometown they couldn’t wait to leave in the rearview mirror all those years ago. And while they’re there, they take up with an old flame and learn a dark secret, or the body of a person thought to have moved away is discovered. There are so many variations of the story, but whatever the circumstances, they are all equally exciting to read. That’s why we made you this list of seven great thrillers that revisit the past. So take off your coat, hang it in the closet with the skeletons, and stay awhile.