YA Thrillers Featuring LGBTQIA+ Folks Getting Into Trouble

A List of Queer YA Thrillers from Wendy Heard_HellFollowedWithUs_NovelSuspectsCall me a terrible person, call me a bad bisexual, but nothing makes me happier than reading about queer people living their most devious lives. I love stories about LGBTQIA+ teens getting roped into crimes—or doing the roping. I blame all the hot villains in the Disney movies I was exposed to as a child. Come on. Ursula? Maleficent? Also, my sixth-grade choir director selected The Phantom of the Opera for us to learn and perform, which couldn’t have helped matters. Okay, if we’re being honest, the fact that they were doing The Phantom was the only reason I joined choir. And then there was Rocky Horror. I was doomed to side with people on the wrong side of the law.

Thankfully, I’m not alone. Turns out, the world is full of villain-loving queers. For those looking to scratch the itch, here is a (not comprehensive) list of some delightful YA novels featuring LGBTQIA+ folks getting into trouble.

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About the Author

Wendy Heard is the author of the acclaimed She’s Too Pretty to Burn and the upcoming Dead End Girls, which Kirkus reviews lauded as “a romantic thriller that takes “Be Gay, Do Crime” to heart.” Dead End Girls follows queer teenagers Maude and Frankie, who fake their own deaths and go on the run, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.