If Barbie Was the Female Lead of a Suspense Book

If Barbie Was the Female Lead of a Suspense BookOne sure-fire recipe for an unputdownable thriller is to peel back the veneer on a character’s seemingly perfect life and see what dark and dangerous secrets are lurking underneath. These books do just that. They’re about women trying to reinvent themselves, and the trouble they run into along the way. They’re about couples with disturbing secrets, mothers who will go to any length to ensure their children’s success, friendships that aren’t what they seem, and glamorous relationships that are actually toxic (or downright murderous). Yes, the female leads in these crime novels are as beautiful as they come, but they each harbor secrets beneath their perfect veneer. If you’re looking for gritty suspense novels full of female characters who are a bit unhinged but will remain forever in your heart, these are the books for you.



Emily Hoang is a writer and editor, who is obsessed with haunted houses, ghosts, and dreams. More info can be found on her website.