When ‘Emily in Paris’ Goes Wrong: Four Psychological Thrillers Set in France

Emily in Paris Gone Wrong_NovelSuspectsNetflix has been taken over by the hit television show Emily in Paris, following an American luxury marketing whiz and her relocation to Paris, France—and all the quirkiness that ensues. We love a Parisian backdrop. The sprawling buildings, the air pregnant with history and magic. We’re ready for any and all stories set in lovely Paris.

Anyone who has watched the show will tell you Emily’s journey is hopeful and bright with an almost whimsical tone. But what if her relocation didn’t result in such enchanting encounters? We’ve rounded up four mystery & thriller books set in France. Each follows a protagonist searching for answers and maybe a fresh start but getting far more than they bargained for. These mysteries & thrillers tell a much different story of Paris—a darker one—and we’re here for it.