Sunday’s Sharp Objects Finale Is Gonna Be the Mother of All Storms

sharp objects by gillian flynn

The thrilling conclusion to HBO’s Sharp Objects airs this Sunday, and we’re not sure we can handle it.


The tension building from the start of the first episode has felt as oppressive as the sticky Missouri summer that serves as the backdrop for our favorite summer binge, based on Gillian Flynn’s heart-stopping debut thriller. We’re preparing for the mother of all storms to strike as the revelations unfolding across the miniseries finally connect, and for these polite Southerners to show their true colors.

For anyone living under a rock, here’s what’s been happening: reporter Camille Preaker (played by the brilliant Amy Adams) returned to her hometown of Wind Gap to cover the deaths of two young girls. Camille finds herself connecting to the victims more than she should; all of them refused to conform to the mold their tiny Southern town forces women into, and all of them lacked attentive caregivers to nurture them (something Camille is still trying to cope with into adulthood).

The investigation brings traumatic memories from Camille’s past to the surface, making her and the police wonder if there isn’t something more sinister lurking inside her family. It doesn’t help that Camille’s mother Adora (played by Patricia Clarkson, need we say more?) and sister Amma slip in and out of personas almost too easily, with their friends as wary participants in their charades. And not to give any spoilers, but a big reveal occurred last episode, which has major implications as to who the murderer could be. Start watching Sharp Objects or discover more great TV and movie recommendations.

Elizabeth Venere is a marketing manager at Hachette Book Group. You can usually find her reading (a mystery novel, obviously) or at yoga, trying to re-center after reading about too many murders.