The Best Alex Cross Books Based on Amazon Reviews

The Best Alex Cross Books Based on Amazon ReviewsBest-selling author James Patterson is at the top of his game with his 29-book Alex Cross series. Fear No Evil, the latest book in the Alex Cross series, is on sale this November. These James Patterson books follow Dr. Alex Cross, a forensic psychologist who works for the Washington D.C. police department and later the FBI. Patterson’s fast-paced, twisty crime thrillers are so good you might just end up reading the whole series from start to finish.

However, each novel contains its own mystery that can work as a standalone story as well. So if you want to read them out of order or just hit some of the highest-rated books in the series, you can absolutely do that and still enjoy every minute of it. But where to start? If you only read 10 books in this James Patterson series, make it these, the 10 highest rated Alex Cross books, based on Amazon reviews.