6 Survival Thrillers to Read if You Love Yellowjackets

Image Credit: Showtime

If you haven’t seen Yellowjackets on Showtime, we recommend you check it out. Cannibalistic teenagers. Brutal terrain. Survival of the fittest. What’s not to love? Even Stephen King praised its writing. The show follows a group of girls whose plane crashes in the wilderness while they’re on their way to a national soccer tournament, leaving them stranded in the Ontario wilderness. As their hope for rescue slowly dims and winter eases in, their fight for survival becomes imperative. Yellowjackets is told from dual timelines, showing the girls’ past and present as they deal with the fallout. The characters are captivating and the storytelling is raw. We’re already anticipating a season two. In the meantime, here are some books to keep you busy in case you missed the show or, like us, are eagerly awaiting its return. Like Yellowjackets, these six survival thrillers place characters in stranded locations and force them to survive—or get left behind in the process.