Detectives We’re Excited to Read About This Year

Detectives We're Excited to Read About This YearIt may be hard to believe, but detective stories as we know them have only existed for a couple of hundred years. Detectives, both professionals like Hercule Poirot and amateurs like Nancy Drew, are now among the most celebrated and enduring figures in Western literature. Today, there are mystery novels to suit everyone’s tastes, and each one features its own unique, unforgettable investigator.

The detective novels on this list star snoops (licensed and unlicensed) from both sides of the Atlantic and from all walks of life. Many are dealing with unresolved personal issues that make it even more difficult to keep their head in the game. And yet, their devotion to truth is resolute. It just goes to show that, in the world of fictional detectives as well as in real life, your age, race, and gender are secondary to how you respond to injustice.