An IQ Novel


By Joe Ide

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In the latest installment in Joe Ide's "superb" series (Washington Post), the relentless, hard-bitten PI, Isaiah Quintabe, is faced with a nightmarish scenario when the love of his life is kidnapped by a maniacal hitman who bears a grudge against him.

Named one of the Best Mystery Books of the Year by The Wall Street Journal  An International Thriller Award Nominee

Danger has always followed IQ, a reality he’s keenly aware of as he’s laid up in a hospital bed, recovering from injuries sustained in his last case. Isaiah cannot help himself from being the hero, and any misery he’s suffered as a result—wounds from a knife fight, gnawing paranoia—he’s suffered alone. Yet as IQ recovers, five hundred miles from East Long Beach, he’s unaware that Grace has been abducted by his sworn enemy, the professional hitman Skip Hanson. Skip is savage and psychotic, determined to punish Isaiah for sending him to prison and destroying his life. Now, Isaiah and his sometimes partner, ex-hustler Juanell Dodson, must track scant clues through L.A.’s perilous landscape as Grace’s predicament grows more uncertain.

A complication arises in the form of Winnie Hando, a homicide detective with something to prove. Stubborn and effective, Winnie sees Isaiah’s efforts as an obstruction to the investigation and a possible embarrassment: an unlicensed PI can’t be seen doing the department’s job better than the department. Winnie tries to stop Isaiah while pursuing the case herself, their struggles clashing and slowing their progress. As the desperate hunt winds on, Isaiah fears that even if he can bring Grace home alive, things between them will never be the same. This latest series installment is an explosive collision of drug dealers, thieves, maniacs, shotguns, vicious dogs, stampeding horses, and Ide’s signature energy, grit, and profundity


  • "Sharply rendered characters flesh out the book. . .  Such varied types make the pages snap, crackle and pop. With sleight of hand and twist of plot, Mr. Ide takes time to render his cast in rich psychological detail."
    Tom Nolan, Wall Street Journal
  • “Joe Ide continues sensational streak with latest in ‘IQ’ series… Ide is a kind of everyman who showed the publishing and reading worlds how good and how different a procedural can be… His scripting is flawless.”
    Jeffrey Mannix, The Durango Telegraph
  • "Mr. Ide writes with cinematic flair, conjuring a hair-raising and heartwarming tale."
    Tom Nolan, Wall Street Journal "The Best Books of 2023: Mystery'
  • "Ide ably manages his usual trick of mixing comic turns. . . with ramped-up tension. . . And, yet, there is something new here, fighting to be heard: a deep note of all-prevailing sadness."
    Booklist, Starred Review
  • "If you are new to Joe Ide's IQ series, it's a clever spin on what it might be like if the next Sherlock Holmes appeared in an African American neighborhood in Los Angeles. IQ, which stands for Isaiah Quintabe, is one of the most singular characters in crime fiction — asocial, brilliant, and deeply moral." 
    Lisa Levy, Washington Post

    "If you’ve read any of his other novels starring the rogue East Long Beach private investigator Isaiah Quintabe, known as “IQ,” you know that Ide doesn’t write conventional suspense stories...."―Maureen Corrigan, Washington Post

    “A journeyman writer and a superb storyteller.”―Jeff Mannix, The Durango Telegraph

    "Ide has displayed a rare ability to mix dark comedy and gut-churning drama…mixmaster Ide's compulsion to blend light and dark (Isaiah's confrontation with the serial killers, while gruesome, takes the form of "a slapstick movie shot in a burning insane asylum") affects the two plots in surprising ways, again producing an emotion-rich form of character-driven tragicomedy, but one in which peril forever loiters in the shallows.”―Booklist

    “The plot lines are becoming even more ferocious. And IQ keeps getting… smarter? Yep. And the ending? YIKES. Book six Mr. Ide? Bring. It. ON!”―Berkley McDaniel, The Southern Bookseller Review

    "A brand-new comedic franchise with a bright future... Aggressively entertaining plotting is paired with the kind of dialogue for which readers love Don Winslow. This series is a Los Angeles classic right from the start." ― Janet Maslin, New York Times "Joe’s brilliant imagining of what Sherlock Holmes would be like if he came out of East Long Beach."―Mike Lupica, New York Daily News

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Mar 1, 2026
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336 pages
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Joe Ide

About the Author

Joe Ide grew up in South Central Los Angeles and currently lives in Santa Monica, California. His IQ series has won the Anthony, Shamus and Macavity Awards, and been nominated for the Edgar, Barry, CWA New Blood Dagger and Strand Book Critics Awards. The IQ books are currently in development as an original TV series.

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