Books Coming This October: What We’re Prioritizing in a Sea of Epic New Releases

Books We’re Prioritizing October 2022 in a Sea of Epic New ReleasesFor those of us who love horror, mystery, and suspense, we have to make some tough decisions about what to read in the month of October. Because of Halloween, October seems to be the sacred month when the People In Charge release all of the things I love the most into the wild Like Pulitzer Prize winner Cormac McCarthy once told me (just kidding, the recluse said it in one of his few interviews), “If it doesn’t concern life and death, it’s not interesting,” so, like I said, I have to make some tough cuts in October. Sure, I can catch up on all the new releases later, but there’s a certain amount of urgency when it comes to suspense books: I need to know the details 1, to avoid them at all costs in life, and 2, because if it’s good, someone’s sure to tweet about it and spoil it for me.

I’ve said it before about television, and I’ll say it again about books: y’all can’t drop all the suspense content at the same time the veil drops! It’s just not fair to make me choose among all the things I love. No matter how many times I shout this reality into the void, here we find ourselves, ramping up to an October chock-full of mystery books, having to make some real decisions.

With no further ado, in order of release date, here are the mystery suspense books coming this October that have really caught my attention.


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