Wendy Corsi Staub’s List of Mysteries for Dog-Loving Bibliophiles

Wendy Corsi Staub List of Mysteries for Dog-Loving BibliophilesFor going on three decades, I’ve written domestic psychological suspense novels about everyday people with everyday lives going about their everyday business when—bam! Something happens, and suddenly nothing is as it seems. I conceived my latest standalone, The Other Family, knowing only that I was going to the biggest blindside of my career, and that it had to happen to a picture-perfect cast of characters living in a picture-perfect house—at least on the surface.

Like every picture-perfect family, the Howells needed a pet. Specifically, a dog. Preferably, one who likes to nose around in picture-perfect flowerbeds, where he might unearth something more ominous than tulip bulbs. Though I set out to create a fictional pup on par with his seemingly flawless humans, Kato took on a life of his own, as all the best characters do. He morphed into a lovably lazy pug whose owners have to drag him out the door to the dog run, whose name is a nod to the book’s true crime theme, and whose role in the plot is indispensable.

I’ve since heard from smitten readers who want to know whether he’ll pop up in a future novel. While I can’t make any promises, I can offer dog-loving bibliophiles a list of mysteries & thrillers featuring canine characters.



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