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Books Featuring Strangers Solving a Murder

These mysteries and thrillers follow journalists solving puzzling crimes.

The Unreliable Narrator_NovelSuspects

The Unreliable Narrator

In a story, everything we learn and everything we know is seen through the filter of the narrator. So what happens when we as readers can’t fully trust what a…

Why We Love Seeing Female Rage in Crime Fiction

Why We Love Seeing Female Rage in Crime Fiction

Lately, it seems like every crime thriller wants to feature a strong, angry woman. And, they’re all being compared to Gone Girl. Why is that?

10 Plot Twists You’ll Never See Coming

This list of mystery and thriller books will help get a book worthy of audible gasping into your hands. Here are ten plot twists you'll never see coming.

10 Suspense Novels with Unhappy Heroines Featured Image

10 Mystery & Suspense Books With Tortured Heroines

Heroines from books by Gillian Flynn, Harriet Tyce, Karma Brown, and more are represented here in a list of the best suspense novels to read now!

Crime Region: The Best Ozark Mysteries

Crime Region: The Best Ozark Mysteries

From Gone Girl to Winter's Bone, The Ozarks in the midwest US is a favorite for crime fiction authors. Discover more books set in the region today!

Classic Twists in Mystery and Suspense

Four Classic Twists in Mystery and Suspense Fiction

These mystery and suspense novels have classic twists that somehow feel both surprising and inevitable.

My Five Favorite Femme Fatales in Fiction

These women are methodical, cold-blooded killers to rival Hannibal Lector and Dexter.

Sunday’s Sharp Objects Finale Is Gonna Be the Mother of All Storms

We're not sure we can handle it.

Most Popular Mystery Thriller Books

The Most Popular Mysteries & Thrillers in America

Nine mysteries and thrillers on The Great American Read top 100 books list.

When Enemies Become Allies: Kate Kessler on Crafting the Most Compelling Thriller Characters

For me, the most important element of any thriller will always be the main character and how they interact with other characters.

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