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What to Read After Watching Glass Onion_NovelSuspects

Light Mysteries: What to Read After Watching Glass Onion

These mysteries and thrillers follow journalists solving puzzling crimes.


Anthony Horowitz Creates a Lively, Clever TV Adaptation of His Novel Magpie Murders

Adapting his own self-referential novel Magpie Murders, creator Anthony Horowitz weaves an engaging, intelligent whodunit about someone who thinks such stories are worthless trash.


Cozy Mysteries for Foodies

Readers will take away more than just thrills and adventures with a variety of recipes that accompany these cozy mysteries for food lovers.


Captivating Tales: Why We Love Locked-Room Mysteries

We take a look at the concept of the locked-room mystery and why it keeps readers coming back again and again. 

Why do People Love Light Mysteries?

Why Do People Love Light Mysteries?

Knives Out 2 is Coming This Fall and We're Ready

Knives Out 2 is Coming This Fall and We’re Ready

Did you love Knives Out and can’t wait to watch Knives Out 2? Here’s everything we know about Rian Johnson’s upcoming whodunnit film.


A Nun Becomes Unlikely Crime-Solver in BritBox’s Endearing Sister Boniface

A Father Brown spin-off, BritBox original series Sister Boniface Mysteries is another winning combination of cozy mysteries, light period drama, and quirky characters.

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation_DeathontheNile_AgathaChristie_NovelSuspects

We’re So Ready to Watch the New Adaptation of Death on the Nile

Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie's famous detective, will return to the silver screen on February 11, in a lavish new film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile.

Cozy Mysteries Coming Out in 2022_NovelSuspects

10 Deliciously Cozy Mysteries to Expect this Year

Here are some of our favorite cozy mystery books coming in 2022—all a certifiable good time with whip-smart characters, killer one-liners, and a central mystery that's bursting with intrigue.

Death of A Green-Eyed Monster by M.C. Beaton

The Latest Hamish Macbeth Murder Mystery

A new cozy mystery for your shelf. Read an excerpt from Death of a Green-Eyed Monster by M.C. Beaton and R.W. Green on sale February 15, 2022.

Short Crime Fiction You Can Devour in One Sitting_NovelSuspects

Short Crime Fiction You Can Devour in One Sitting

These books check all our boxes for page-turning mysteries while being under 300 pages—short enough to read in one sitting but long enough to hook readers.

Crime Fiction Coming This January_NovelSuspects

Crime Fiction Coming This January

Get ready for a new year and a whole new list of mystery books and suspense novels to read.

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