Guilt Rules All

Irish Mystery, Detective, and Crime Fiction

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Trade Paperback

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Irish crime fiction, long present on international bestseller lists, has been knocking on the door of the academy for a decade. With a wide range of scholars addressing some of the most essential Irish detective writing, Guilt Rules All confirms that this genre has arrived. The essays collected here connect their immediate subjects–contemporary Irish crime writers–to Irish culture, literature, and history. Anchored in both canonical and emerging themes, this collection draws on established Irish studies discussions while emphasizing what is new and distinct about Irish crime fiction.

Guilt Rules All considers best-sellers like Adrian McKinty and Liz Nugent, as well as other significant writers whose work may fall outside of traditional notions of Irish literature or crime fiction. The essays consider a range of themes–among them globalization, women and violence, and the Troubles–across settings and time frames, allowing readers to trace the patterns that play a meaningful role in this developing genre.

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