7 Thrillers Set on Modes of Transportation

Some of my favorite thrillers take place en route. The setting of a moving vehicle—be it train, plane, cruise ship, or yacht—presents unique opportunities and obstacles in the unfurling of a mystery. My upcoming locked-room thriller, The Main Character, joins the excellent company in this category. The Main Character is set upon the newly-refurbished Orient Express train as it traverses the western Italian coast—and features passengers invited for an all-expenses-paid trip by a mysterious, bestselling author. But has the author orchestrated a dream vacation—or a nightmare?

If you loved Death and Other Details, Murder Mystery, and Murder on the Orient Express, then welcome aboard these sensational thrillers:

About the Author

Jaclyn Goldis is a graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and NYU School of Law. She practiced estate planning law at a large Chicago firm for seven years before leaving her job to travel the world and write novels. After culling her possessions into only what would fit in a backpack, she traveled for over a year until settling in Tel Aviv, where she can often be found writing from cafés near the beach. She is the author of The Chateau and The Main Character.