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American Outrage

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Apr 25, 2007




Jake Carlson, a correspondent for the TV news show American Outrage, inhabits a world of sensational trials and crazed celebrities. One of the nation’s top journalists, he’s used to dragging himself into the dirt to get the truth. When his adopted son Sam asks him to use his muckraking talents to find his birth mother, Jake is stunned by the ugly secrets he uncovers: an international crime syndicate, a horrifying child trafficking ring, and a corrupt politician, the patriarch of an old New York financial dynasty.

Initially galvanized by a career-making story, Jake—and his son—are soon the victims of brutal violence and the targets of Jake’s fellow reporters, who dog them for their story. Concerned for the survival of his family, Jake realizes some sins of the past should never be uncovered…

What's Inside

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"Bestseller Green introduces a tough, appealing hero in his action-packed 12th thriller....Green's tale is ripe with irony and full of barbs."—Publishers Weekly
"An adopted child's need to know his birth mother puts his father on the trail of treachery and deception practiced by Albanian Mafiosi and a powerful political family."—Kirkus
"Genre veteran Green hits his stride here, with his best novel since his early football thrillers."—Booklist
"Green keeps the suspense building and the reader continually off guard."—Chicago Tribune
"Tim Green is a master."—Nelson DeMille
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