With Prejudice


By Robin Peguero

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No one knows what happened that night, and now seven strangers must decide, in this "exciting" and "clever" thriller (New York Times Book Review)

On the night that Melina Mora, a proud, free-spirited woman, was murdered, she was seen with a young man that matched Gabriel Soto’s description. Two strands of her hair were found in his bedroom. Sandy Grunwald, a young prosecutor whose political ambitions depend on securing a conviction, finds herself pitted against a preening public defender armed with a freshly discovered, dynamite piece of evidence on the eve of the trial.

And then there’s the jury for the high-stakes Miami trial: Earl Thomas, a straitlaced taxman with his fair share of police encounters, as the begrudging foreperson, and Laura Hurtado-Perez, a physician whose unassuming manner conceals a private pain. There’s also Joseph Cole, who’s the founder of his local neighborhood watch and unduly obsessed with the families around him. Along with four others, these jurors from varied walks of life come together to make one of the most important decisions of their lives.

But as the prosecutor, public defender, and judge know all too well, the criminal justice system is complex and the jury’s experiences, biases, and beliefs will ultimately shape the verdict.

With striking originality and expert storytelling, Robin Peguero’s debut novel explores the prejudice that hangs over every trial in America.

  • "Exciting [with] clever twists... I doubt I'll get [Peguero's] book out of my head anytime soon."
    Sarah Weinman, New York Times Book Review
  • With Prejudice is a brilliant debut, full stop. Written with warmth, humanity, and raw emotion, this is a both a gripping thriller and an insightful look at the complexities of American crime and punishment. Robin Peguero has written a modern-day 12 Angry Men.”
    Harlan Coben, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Match and Stay Close
  • “Robin Peguero’s With Prejudice is an outstanding courtroom thriller, told with an engaging focus on the jury room. Peguero’s inside knowledge of the legal system brings an air of authenticity to every page. Highly recommended!”
    Scott Turow, New York Times bestselling author of The Last Trial and Presumed Innocent
  • "You will never look at a trial the same. He keeps his thriller hopping with twists and turns that will have you flipping back and rereading."
    Florida Times-Union
  • “Mysteries and legal thrillers have been around for centuries… With Prejudice by Robin Peguero breaks those molds.”
    The Big Thrill
  • "With Prejudice is ambitions and intricate enough to suggest that a sequel will be worth the wait."
    Book Reporter
  • With Prejudice is one of the best legal thrillers I've ever read. The story is tense, exciting, and full of twists and turns, with fascinating insights into the intricate workings of the courtroom. But what the author describes is about more than evidence, testimony and legal strategy. It's a gauntlet where the law is punched, kicked and shaped by people with vastly different agendas. With Prejudice is a deeply human story that reveals all the ways that justice isn't blind. It sees through many eyes.”
    Joe Ide, author of IQ and Smoke
  • "With Prejudice is a completely unique, utterly captivating legal thriller. Former prosecutor Robin Peguero's keen understanding of the justice system—and all its flaws—propels this fast-paced, deeply original novel, leading us into the dark corners of the human mind and heart. The characters are vivid, the storyline compelling, and the writing razor sharp. I tore through it."
    Julia Dahl, author of The Missing Hours, Conviction, Run You Down, and Invisible City
  • With Prejudice is a fast, entertaining courtroom drama by an author who knows the ins and outs of the justice system. Peguero employs both his legal expertise and authorial sleight of hand to throw down twists and turns you will not see coming.”
    Steph Cha, author of Your House Will Pay (Los Angeles Times Book Prize winner)
  • “If you’re always looking for a new legal thriller to get sucked into, today’s your lucky day.”

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Robin Peguero

About the Author

Robin Peguero spent seven years storytelling to juries for a living, most recently as a homicide prosecutor in Miami. An Afro-Latino and the son of immigrants, he graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Law School. He has written for the Miami Herald, the Harvard Crimson, and the Harvard Law Review, and he served as a press spokesman in the U.S. House, a speechwriter in the U.S. Senate before becoming a lawyer, and an investigative counsel on the House Select Committee Investigating the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol. He is currently Chief of Staff to a member of Congress.

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