Less Than Human


By Maxine McArthur

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The author of Time Future takes readers into a world torn apart by terrorism and injustice to explore the line that separates human and machine in this novel that is "intriguing and, more importantly, entertaining” (Science Fiction Chronicle).

When a factory worker is mysteriously killed by a robot, cybernetics engineer Eleanor McGuire is unwilling to call the incident "human error." In a different part of Osaka, four teenagers are electrocuted in an apparent group suicide, and Police Inspector Ishihara isn't convinced it was self-inflicted. When their investigations cross paths, the foreign scientist and the aging cop find a trail that will lead them to more murders, corporate crime, and a strange online cult led by a secretive guru who promises immortality to his followers if they help him destroy civilization. But how can McGuire and Ishihara stop this psychopath if he doesn't seem to exist?

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Oct 1, 2004
Page Count
400 pages

Maxine McArthur

About the Author

Maxine McArthur is an Australian writer of science fiction.

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