Love Times Infinity


By Lane Clarke

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This heartfelt coming of age story follows Michie, a high school junior who begins to grapple with big questions of love, purpose, and family while working on something that could change her life.

High school junior Michie is struggling to define who she is for her scholarship essays, her big shot at making it into Brown as a first-generation college student. The prompts would be hard for anyone, but Michie's been estranged from her mother since she was seven and her concept of family has long felt murky.

Enter new kid and basketball superstar Derek de la Rosa. He is very cute, very talented, and very much has his eye on Michie, no matter how invisible she believes herself to be.
When Michie's mother unexpectedly reaches out to make amends, and with her scholarship deadlines looming, Michie must choose whether to reopen old wounds or close the door on her past. And as she spends more time with Derek, she'll have to decide how much of her heart she is willing to share. Because while Michie may not know who she is, she's starting to realize who she wants to become, if only she can take a chance on Derek, on herself, and on her future.


  • "[An] emotionally layered debut....Clarke artfully explores weighty topics such as trauma, grief, and abandonment using pensive narration, and mirthful dialogue provides levity. Michie’s encouraging support systems, healthy relationship with therapy, and heart-wrenching journey toward self-acceptance depicts a story overflowing with kindness and healing."
    Publishers Weekly
  • "A moving reminder to love—and allow ourselves to be loved—without measure."
    Daniel Aleman, author of Indivisible
  • "Lane Clarke's one-of-a-kind voice had me hooked from the very first page....This book is truly something special."
    Elise Bryant, author of Happily Ever After
  • "Heartfelt and relatable, Love Times Infinity is a beautiful story about finding the courage to love ourselves and to let others do so as well. Readers will find a new favorite main character to root for in Michie."
    Kristina Forest, author of Now That I've Found You
  • "One of the most compassionate first love stories I’ve ever read."
    —Christina Hammonds Reed, New York Times bestselling author of The Black Kids
    Christina Hammonds Reed, New York Times bestselling author of The Black Kids
  • "Executed with wit, empathy and humor, Love Times Infinity holds your heart in its palm and gently squeezes it—ultimately reminding us about all the intersections and complexities of love. This sincere story about guilt, pain and identity does not steer away from the difficult making it an absolutely breathtaking debut. Love Times Infinity is a must read!"
    Amber McBride, National Book Award finalist and author of Me (Moth)
  • "Clarke's effervescent debut has heart and she navigates Michie's story with grace, humor, and love. A fresh contemporary with a protagonist everyone can cheer for."
    Louisa Onomé, author of Like Home
  • "Come for the sweet-as-sugar romance; stay for the gorgeous prose, nuanced characters, and a deeply satisfying read. Believe me: you want this charming, beautiful story to warm and fill your heart."
    Ashley Woodfolk, author of Nothing Burns as Bright as You

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Jul 26, 2022
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368 pages

About the Author

NOVL - Headshot photo of Lane Clarke

Lane Clarke lives in Northern Virginia and practices law in Washington D.C. You can follow her on Twitter at @lanewriteswords. Love Times Infinity is her debut novel.

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From NOVL Nation

“Michie is so wonderful and self aware and STRONG and I’ve never loved a romance like I’ve loved her and Derek’s beautiful friendship. This is what books are supposed to be, guys… Lane is the next great thing in YA, I can promise you that.”
– Briana, @brianas_booknook

“It’s real, raw, sad, and hopeful. It’s tender and nerve-wracking and heart-wrenching. It is everything I love in a YA book… This impactful book will definitely stay with me for a long time to come.”
–Celia, @celiamcmahonreads

“Love Times Infinity is about believing we are worthy of love. Worthy of time, of opportunities, of living life to the fullest.”
– Lili, @utopia.state.of.mind

“This book, for all its fun tropes (love at first sight; coffee shop au) is in its essence a story about self-worth, and more importantly finding self-worth at a time when things are going okay – not great, but not at rock bottom. In this way I found myself drawn to Michie and her story more; her finding self-worth could have come a year before the story began, hinted in some of her memories of a darker time, but instead it comes unexpectedly – when someone who doesn’t know her wants to and she doesn’t understand why.”
– Thomas, @scriptedknight

“The complexity of the relationships really elevated this book. I had so many FEELINGS for Michie and really everyone in the book. There are points of rawness, of exposure, of trying to protect oneself. There were points where my heart went out to Michie.”
– Sarah, @booksintheirnaturalhabitat

“Love Times Infinity is a harrowing and poignant coming of age novel that centers the many definitions of love as well as its messy consequences… If you’re a crier, get the tissues ready.”
– Toya, @thereadingchemist

I loved Michie, Derek, JoJo, and Michie’s grandma. The characters in this novel pop off the pages and felt so real to me. This is a book that will stick with me for a long, long time. Bravo!
– Danielle, Always A Book to Read

Love Times Infinity blew me away. A coming of age story, of finding yourself, and finding answers to what makes you YOU, and what makes your heart whole.”
–Ellie, Ellie’s Infinite Books


Lane Clarke

About the Author

Lane Clarke lives in Northern Virginia and practices law in Washington D.C. You can follow her on Twitter at @lanewriteswords. Love Times Infinity is her debut novel.

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