The House of Cross

Meet the hero of the new Amazon series Cross—the greatest detective of all time

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By James Patterson

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Supreme Court candidates are being murdered. Alex Cross and John Sampson are handed the case.

In Washington, DC, the president-elect is planning her inauguration.

The list of Supreme Court candidates is highly confidential—until it becomes evidence in Detective Alex Cross’s toughest investigation.

One candidate is gunned down. A second is stabbed. A third is murdered near midnight on a city street.  

Cross is the FBI’s top expert in criminal behavior. For the sake of his family, his city, and his country, he must put himself in the most dangerous place there is: inside the mind of a diabolical killer.


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Nov 25, 2024
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416 pages

James Patterson

About the Author

James Patterson is the most popular storyteller of our time. He is the creator of unforgettable characters and series, including Alex Cross, the Women’s Murder Club, Jane Effing Smith, and Maximum Ride, and of breathtaking true stories about the Kennedys, John Lennon, and Princess Diana, as well as our military heroes, police officers, and ER nurses. He has coauthored #1 bestselling novels with Bill Clinton and Dolly Parton, told the story of his own life in James Patterson by James Patterson, and received an Edgar Award, ten Emmy Awards, the Literarian Award from the National Book Foundation, and the National Humanities Medal.

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