Soul Circus


By George Pelecanos

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Bleak, gritty and moving, Soul Circus superbly brings to life a devastating story of life and death in Washington’s black ghettos.

Private Investigator Derek Strange and his partner, Terry Quinn, are running a detective business in the seedy underbelly of Washington, DC when they are approached by a young man asking them to find his girlfriend who has gone missing. And so Strange and Quinn find her.

Just another day? Not quite. In the grimy underworld inhabited by Strange, nothing is that simple. For Strange and Quinn’s efforts have led to a young mother being brutally murdered — a devastating discovery that causes them both to question the morality by which they live. And yet at the same time they need to continue the search for another missing girl, a teenage runaway who shows up in a porn video. And who hasn’t been seen since.

Step by step, Strange and his partner are drawn into the darkness, confronting gunrunners, crime lords, drug dealers, and ordinary people caught up in the ruthless violence of the business. Soul Circus is a heart-stopping thriller that could only have been written by George Pelecanos, the writer who “has gone from cult favorite to acknowledged master” (Booklist).


  • "With each novel, Pelecanos has become more sophisticated....It's full of tension and character and it makes you think. It's hard to ask for more than that."
    The Mirror
  • "Reading [Pelecanos's novels] makes you realise how contemporary novels are obsessed with the concerns of the middle class and how the poor have been marginalized and reduced to cliche....He writes with insight and anger about why young men are drawn into gangs and violent crime....Pelecanos understands the lure of violence, the need for action. Soul Circus packs a powerful anti-gun message but he can still communicate the thrill of holding a weapon in your hand."
    Simon Hinde, The Express
  • "The 12th novel by George P. Pelecanos firmly establishes him as a prince of crime writers who may one day become king."
    Amy Raphel, Esquire
  • "Pelecanos has a mean ear for dialogue and a way of propelling the action through speech that's reminiscent of George V Higgins. His exploration of conflicting moral dilemmas, coupled with a refusal to make his villains all bad and his heroes all good, makes Pelecanos one of America's finest contemporary writers."
    Time Out

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Feb 3, 2003
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George Pelecanos

About the Author

GEORGE PELECANOS is the author of twenty-two novels and story collections set in and around Washington, DC, and has been the recipient of numerous international writing awards. He is a screenwriter, essayist, and television writer/producer whose credits include The Wire, Treme, The Deuce, and We Own This City. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. 

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