Red Sonja: Consumed

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By Gail Simone

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Red Sonja, the iconic, fiery, she-devil with a sword, is reinvented for a new generation of readers in this action-packed epic fantasy by legendary comic book writer Gail Simone.
The gutsy, wild, tortured free spirit, forged in pain yet unafraid of life or death, Red Sonja, the famous, fiery She-Devil and barbarian of Hyrkania has never concerned herself with the consequences of her actions. She’s taken what she wanted, from treasure to drink to the companionship of bedfellows. She’s fought who deserved it (and sometimes those who didn’t). And she’s never looked back.
But when rumors start bubbling up from her homeland—rumors of unknown horrors emerging from the ground and pulling their unsuspecting victims to their deaths—and a strange voice begins whispering to her in her sleep, she realizes she may have to return to the country that abandoned her. And finally do the only thing that has ever scared her: confront her past.


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Nov 19, 2024
Page Count
384 pages

Gail Simone

Gail Simone

About the Author

Gail Simone writes for the comic book, film and video game media. Her comic resume includes such books as Simpsons Comics, Justice League, Birds of Prey, X-Men Unlimited, Wonder Woman, Tomb Raider and many more. She has written for film and television, worked on some video games, and is currently working on a novel as well. She currenty lives on the beautiful Oregon Coast.

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