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Irresistibly blending suspense, mystery, compassion, raw instinct, and grim wit, Resolution provides a wrenching conclusion to Denise Mina’s universally acclaimed Garnethill trilogy.

Life has gotten no easier for Maureen O’Donnell since the events in Exile. Already deeply in debt and struggling with alchoholism, she now faces her most formidable challenges yet: testifying against her boyfriend’s murderer and the return of her abusive father to Glasgow. As family matters deteriorate and violence hovers over the familiar neighborhoods of Garnethill, the world becomes a darker, more dangerous and even deadly place for Maureen.

A New York Times Notable Book of the Year

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"Resolution can stand alone, battered and proud, as a class-conscious crime novel that dares to tell the ugly truth."—New York Times Book Review
"For anyone who thinks Western civilization too comfortable or crime novels no more than entertainment, Denise Mina's Garnethill trilogy will come as a salutary surprise. It will also make them laugh and keep them reading. It is a great achievement."—Times Literary Supplement
"If you want a reason to try the crime genre, get yourself a novel by Denise Mina."—Rocky Mountain News
"Mina depicts a Scotland so hard that merely living there can cut you like a shard of glass."—Baltimore Sun
"Tough, muddled, funny and compassionate, Maureen is a heroic figure as she bumbles doggedly across the paths of pimps and police, psychopaths and judges, aided by her devoted friends....Not to be missed."—Joanna Hines, The Guardian
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