In this action-packed, fast-paced thriller, follow Detective Cassandra Maldonado as she hunts for a brutal killer loose on the streets of New York.

Fierce and controversial, Detective Cassandra Maldonado played major hardball to join New York’s most elite homicide squad. But she’s never seen anything like the hauntingly brutal murder of FYSHBone, a rap superstar and media mogul.

Cassandra’s instincts tell her that Sabio Guzmán, Bone’s risk-addicted celebrity lawyer, is keeping secrets worth killing for. With the Feds, the city’s biggest loan shark, and a vicious music tycoon all out to silence Sabio for good, the heat Cassandra feels for him is destined to bring explosive bad news.

Soon their careers and lives are on the line. They’re left with everything to lose, nowhere to hide — and one deadly last chance to uncover the truth.

This unforgettable new tale from Daniel Serrano takes readers behind the badge, where getting justice isn’t just about who you trust. It’s about what you do to survive . . .

What's Inside

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