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Prepared for Murder

A Culinary Mystery with Recipes

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Sep 1, 2001

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304 Pages




Cecile Lamalle scores another five-star triumph with the return of Charly Poisson, the much-feted chef and amateur detective whose delectable garden grows with murder most wild?Ķ


On early May mornings, Charly Poisson, the chef of La Fermette, loves prowling his fields through clusters of buttercups for young nettles to make his finest spring tonic … until he comes across a most unappetizing discovery — the thawed remains of a murdered man. Was the victim, soon identified as a philandering local, killed by an irate husband? Charly knows he should be slicing, not sleuthing, and leaving the mystery to the very able Klover Police Department. But helas, that’s before he gets a taste of Fabulous Foods, a culinary supplier whose additive-heavy shrimp are so fresh, they bounce. Now to investigate this fishy outfit and serve up justice, Charlie will have to leave his cozy kitchen…and face the heat of a killer’s ire.

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