By Beth Saulnier

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A serial killer declares hunting season in an upstate New York university town. The killer wants to keep the young reporter, Alex Bernier, well-informed, both as a journalist and as a potential victim.

After a career-making murder case that proved personal bad news, sharp-witted journalist Alex Bernier swears she’s going to report stories, not make them. Then a serial killer declares hunting season in her eccentric upstate New York university town and is only too happy to keep Alex, the reporter covering the case, personally in his twisted loop. To stop him, Alex must face off against an attractive police detective, a ruthless New York Times reporter, and a tech-happy student voyeur. But as she races through a maze of bewildering leads, she doesn’t know her rabidly clever subject is out to kill her story — permanently.


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Feb 28, 2002
Page Count
400 pages

Beth Saulnier

About the Author

Beth Saulnier is well-known in the Ithaca, New York,
area as a movie reviewer for the Ithaca Journal and a film
commentator on local television.

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