Every Harlan Coben Series You Can Stream Right Now

Looking for the perfect film adaptation of a crime novel? Then chances are, you’ll enjoy the Netflix adaptations of Harlan Coben’s thrilling books. These mini-series are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, and are drawing viewers from across the globe to enjoy projects set in international locations like England, France, and Spain. We’ve lined up seven different series and depending on your preferences, you’ll be able to find something to suit your interests.

Shelter (Amazon Prime Video)

Based on the bestselling series by Harlan Coben, Shelter follows a group of young adults trying to solve a missing person’s case when one of their classmates disappears.


Fool Me Once (Netflix)

The newest from Harlan Coben is Fool Me Once, where a woman witnesses her murdered husband’s ghostly return and uncovers a vast conspiracy.


Hold Tight (Netflix)

Hold Tight is a mini-series where a missing man causes a quiet suburban town’s secrets to unravel. If you like Hold Tight, read Harlan Coben’s Run Away.


Gone for Good (Netflix)

Looking for a tear-jerking love story that will leave you on the edge of your seat? Gone for Good fits the bill. After his mom’s funeral, Will Klein proposes to his girlfriend who promptly goes on the run. Little does he know that her presence in his life was connected to his brother’s death years prior. Now, he’s trying to save the love of his life while also unearthing the truth about his brother.

Safe Netflix

Safe (Netflix)

Harlan Coben’s Safe is a good old-fashioned murder mystery that will send chills down your spine. As single father Tom begins to move on after the death of his wife, he struggles to keep tabs on his daughters despite living in a gated community. When his eldest daughter goes missing with her boyfriend, the race is on to locate them both.

Stay Close_Netflix_NovelSuspects

Stay Close (Netflix)

Everyone has a past, and brides are no different. In Stay Close, Megan Pierce is gearing up to marry her longtime partner with whom she shares children. When a woman from her past reaches out to her, she’s forced to face her demons. Will she come clean to her soon-to-be husband or will her secret past tear them apart?


The Innocent (Netflix)

Want a mystery with so many twists and turns it’ll leave your head spinning? The Innocent combines accidental deaths, organized crime, and human trafficking in a shocking tale that you’re sure to remember. Matt and Olivia fight for their lives as their past catches up to them unexpectedly.1


The Stranger (Netflix)

Your parents probably taught you not to speak to strangers. It’s also sound advice for adults, as Harlan Coben shows in The Stranger. When a mysterious woman shows up and begins revealing people’s secrets, the consequences are deadly. Check it out for yourself to learn the value of a secret or read the book the TV series was based on!


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