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My Pet Serial Killer

My Pet Serial Killer

“A rowdy menagerie of the unexpected, this book will delight and disturb even the bravest of readers; all preconceptions of what to trust and what to fear are masterfully upended.” –Alissa Nutting, author ofTampa

“Seidlinger takes the slasher-horror movie, snuff film, found footage, webcam porn, and serial killer docudrama, cuts them all to pieces, pulls out their internal organs, reorganizes them in an ‘aesthetically pleasing arrangement,’ and shows us a story that is at once hilarious, pathetically sad, and a brilliant social critique. This is one where you’ll want to eat the offal.” –Jamie Iredell, author ofThe Book of Freaks

Dexter meetsSecretary in Michael J. Seidlinger’s provocative, disturbing literary thriller that reinvents the serial killer genre, exploring the psychology of desire.

Claire studies forensic science, Victor is the Gentleman Killer. Subverting expectations, Clair seduces Victor and keeps him in her apartment as her pet, her darkest secret. Beautifully written, provocative to read, Seidlinger delves into Claire’s motivations and impetus to present a compelling psychosexual portrait of a woman obsessed with performance, with power, with sex, and with gore.

Michael J. Seidlinger is an Asian American author of a number of novels includingFalter Kingdom andThe Strangest. He is director of publicity at Dzanc Books, book reviews editor at Electric Literature, and publisher in chief of Civil Coping Mechanisms, an indie press specializing in innovative fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. He lives in Brooklyn, where he never sleeps and is forever searching for the next best cup of coffee. | @mjseidlinger

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On Sale: September 18th 2018

Price: $15

Page Count: 375

ISBN-13: 9781946487025

Publisher: Cinestate

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