A Legacy of Bones

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Trade Paperback

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Some legacies are best abandoned…

A legacy of loss.

1600s- Hawaiian fishermen attempt to carve a life on a small island of rugged beauty. Mid-century, those who’ve survived the tsunamis and floods flee the place forever, dubbing it Kaumaha-Misery Island.

A legacy of lies.

1847- King Kamehameha chuckles at his good fortune when he rids himself of Kaumaha in a sale to Reverend Amyas Lathrop of Massachusetts, who is looking for a fresh start for his congregation. But faith is stretched to its limits when a mysterious illness devastates the island year after year…

A legacy of bones.

Present day- Ogden Lathrop hates Kaumaha, and his apathy has ruined all that his ancestors built. He is beyond thrilled when he closes a deal to sell the crumbling tax liability to a local developer for twenty million dollars-villagers and family be damned.

But the Lathrop women feel differently. Family matriarch Eleanor seeks a fair solution for all involved, while her strong-willed granddaughter, Lani, born of two cultures, vows she will protect the island and its people to the last. When violence erupts, more than one casualty is found amidst the rubble, and the family grapples with the sins of both present and past generations. Now they must choose the legacy they’ll leave behind. Can an island named Misery ever hope for a better future?

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