Hurt Mountain

A Novel

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Trade Paperback

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An estranged mother and father join forces to uncover the truth about their missing daughter in a haunting novel about trauma, loss, family, and hope.

When patrolman Brandon Hall comes upon a broken-down car on a Colorado highway, he finds a young girl in a bloodied nightgown at the wheel. In the back seat, the brutalized body of a teenage boy. The girl will say only one word: Hurt.

When the girl is admitted to the hospital, the doctor on call is Brandon’s ex-wife, Olivia Blake. For Olivia and Brandon, the traumatized Jane Doe opens a floodgate of memories. It’s been four years since they shared their own tragedy–the unsolved disappearance of their eight-year-old daughter, Carly, and the end of their marriage. As Olivia focuses on Jane Doe’s care, Brandon makes a startling discovery: a series of disappearances from across the country, over decades, that could finally lead to the truth about their missing daughter.

But will unraveling the past trigger a backslide into grief, guilt, and obsession? Or is finding out what horrors lie in the Colorado mountains the only thing that can heal them, and the mysterious young girl in their care?

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Mar 1, 2024
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