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February's Son

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Publisher: World Noir


Finalist for the Edgar Award: “McCoy is so noir he makes most other Scottish cops seem light grey.” —The Times

An up-and-coming footballer has met an untimely end–and in a spectacularly gruesome fashion, topped off with the words Bye Bye carved into his chest. Harry McCoy knows this kind of violence indicates a personal, passionate motive, and since the footballer’s future father-in-law is a notorious local gangster, that’s where Harry starts his investigation. The case will take him into the seamy, drug-drenched underworld of 1970s Glasgow, and into his own dark childhood memories, in this intense crime thriller from Alan Parks, considered in “the top class of Scottish noir authors” (The Times).

“Dissects a city where cops and crooks depend on one another to maintain order.” –The Wall Street Journal

“Riveting . . . The macabre and morally ambivalent February’s Son is not one that will be quickly or easily forgotten.” —The National

“McCoy’s Glasgow is a dark, brooding city, where the line between the police and the underworld is frequently blurred.” —Herald

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