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Trade Paperback

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Psycho is the original thrilling novel from multi-award-winning author Robert Bloch–and the basis for the classic film from Alfred Hitchcock.

“Icily terrifying!” —New York Times

Psycho all came from Robert Bloch’s book.” –Alfred Hitchcock

“Robert Bloch is one of the all-time masters.” –Peter Straub

Norman Bates loves his mother. She has been dead for the past 20 years, or so people think. Norman knows better, though. Ever since leaving the hospital, he has lived with Mother in the old house up on the hill above the Bates Motel. One night, after a beautiful woman checks into the motel, Norman spies on her as she undresses. Norman can’t help but spy on her. Mother is there, though. She is there to protect Norman from his filthy thoughts. She is there to protect him with her butcher knife.

If you love to be scared, or are a fan of classic movies, then you know the story of Norman Bates, his mother, and the dark and frightening Bates Motel. Alfred Hitchcock’s taut, shocking scare-fest starring Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh is a classic movie, as scary today as it was in 1960 when it was first released, and this is the 1959 novel upon which the movie is based. It was here that the legend of the Bates Motel was born.

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