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The True Crime File

Serial Killers, Famous Kidnappings, Great Cons, Survivors and Their Stories, Forensics, Oddities and Absurdities, Quotes and Quizzes

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Trade Paperback


ON SALE: May 10th 2022

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company, Incorporated


A passion for true crime meets gift book appeal, in a collection of lurid tales, survivor stories, notable quotes, and crime trivia to satisfy any true crime fan. 

More than 200 stories of killers, con artists, master thieves, and brazen kidnappers – and strong survivors, detectives, forensic breakthroughs, and legal minds on all sides of the action. In other words, a mini-encyclopaedia perfect for newcomers and hard-core crime fans alike.

Here are the big names – Bundy, Manson, Berkowitz, Borden, and the Black Dahlia. The lingering mysteries – like JonBenet Ramsey and Natalie Wood. The disturbing puzzle of the Zodiac Killer. The true story behind the most lurid headline ever: ‘Headless Body in the Topless Bar.’ Plus a feast of trivia and more, including the Psychopath test, how DNA profiling began, tattoo analysis, and quizzes like ‘Where Did They Hide?’ and ‘Serial Killer Trophies’.

What's Inside

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