Apple Turnover Murder

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Trade Paperback


Trade Paperback

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Now in a beautifully repackaged trade paperback and including ten scrumptious recipes for readers to try at home, the 13th installment of Joanne Fluke’s New York Times bestselling Hannah Swensen Mystery series finds the Lake Eden, Minnesota bakery owner tracking down a killer who is flakier than a puff pastry!

It’s June in Lake Eden, Minnesota, and for Hannah Swensen, that means bridal showers galore, plus a massive fundraising event in need of confections-not to mention a killer who never learned that charity begins at home . . .

Early summer brings plenty of work for Hannah, even before Mayor Bascomb’s wife drops by The Cookie Jar to place an order for eleven-hundred cookies. Stephanie Bascomb is organizing an elaborate three-day event to support local charities, and though it’s a worthy cause, Hannah almost flips when her business partner, Lisa, suggests setting up an apple turnover stand. Hannah’s never made a turnover-but pushover that she is, she places her faith in Lisa’s mother-in-law’s recipe and agrees to be a magician’s assistant in the fundraiser’s talent show . . .

Hannah has to admit that stepping out of her comfort zone has been fun as well as profitable. The only snag is the show’s host, community college professor Bradford Ramsey. Hannah and her younger sister Michelle each had unfortunate romantic relationships with Ramsey, and when he comes sniffing around between acts, Hannah tells him off. But when the curtain doesn’t go up, she discovers Ramsey backstage-dead as a doornail with a turnover in his hand. To protect her reputation and Michelle’s, Hannah must get to the bottom of the professor’s bitter end-and track down a killer who’s flakier than puff pastry-and far more dangerous . . .

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Jul 26, 2022
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