Debbie Doesn't Do It Anymore

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Trade Paperback


Trade Paperback

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Millions of men and (no doubt many) women have watched famed black porn queen Debbie Dare-she of the blond wig and blue contacts-“do it” on television and computer screens in every combination of partners and positions imaginable. But after an unexpected and thunderous on-set orgasm catches her unawares, Debbie returns home to find her porn-producer husband dead, electrocuted in their hot tub in the midst of “auditioning” an aspiring young starlet.

Burdened with massive debt-incurred by her husband, and which various L.A. heavies want to collect on-Debbie must find a way to extricate herself from the peculiar subculture of the porn industry and reconcile herself to sacrifices she’s made along the way. InDebbie Doesn’t Do it Anymore,the creator of the Easy Rawlins series has painteda moving portrait of a resilient soul in search of salvation and a cure for grief.

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Feb 3, 2015
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288 pages
Vintage Crime/Black Lizard