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On Writing, Reading, and Finding Inspiration with NYT Bestseller Lisa Jewell

Exploring Crime Fiction and ‘The It Girl’ With Ruth Ware

Ruth Ware is the NYT Bestselling Author of several mysteries & thrillers. Her latest psychological thriller THE IT GIRL is in stores now.

War Dispatches: Agent Josephine and Tales of Triumph Over Evil With Damien Lewis

Check out the inspiration behind the book Agent Josephine, with author Damien Lewis


Kathleen Kent On Her Spy Thriller ‘Black Wolf’

P.C. Cast_IntotheMist_NovelSuspects

Feminist in Fiction: P.C. Cast Writing Her Dystopian Thriller ‘Into the Mist’

P.C Cast, author of Into the Mist, talks about the position of feminism in literature, and the grasp to become the most authentic self even when pressured to be otherwise.


The Medical Thriller: Tess Gerritsen on Writing Rizzoli & Isles

Steve Barry Reads an Excerpt from His Latest Thriller

Steve Berry Reads an Excerpt from His Latest Thriller

"Dan Brown fans will want to check this one out" (Publishers Weekly): The Ghent Altarpiece is the most violated work of art in the world. Thirteen times it has been…

Sulari Gentill Shares The Scene Stealer Moments

Sulari Gentill Shares “The Scene Stealer” Moments

A crime novel generally hosts a reasonable cast of characters—the protagonists, their sidekicks, the suspects and several minor characters.

Webb and Mann_NovelSuspects

Webb and Mann On The Riveting Follow Up To Cold Fear

We sat down with thriller authors David Webb and John David Mann to discuss their riveting follow-up to Steel Fear, Cold Fear, on sale June 7th from Random House Publishing…

An Unique Setting For Crime Fiction_ The Salisbury Cathedral

An Unique Setting For Crime Fiction: The Salisbury Cathedral

How Our Experiences Shape Our Stories With Author Lorenzo Carcaterra

Real to Fiction: Experiences Shaping Stories With Author Lorenzo Carcaterra

Robin Peguero Recommends Crime Stories for the Ages

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