8 Unforgettable Mysteries & Thrillers Featuring Secret Societies

Blurry shadow silhouette on asphalt of a man and woman passing through a huge vintage gate in black and white

One of the really fun storylines that can show up in mystery & thriller books is secret societies. These groups are not just products of writers’ imaginations—there are many real known and (unknown) secret organizations that have had prominent members, some who have even gone on to become president of the United States.

The thing about secret societies in mystery books (and probably in real life) is that they are almost always nefarious. Sure, they have cool handshakes and secret passwords and some great perks, like power and prestige. But they also commit crimes, even murder, to accomplish their goals, and it’s up to the protagonists to find them and stop them. Sometimes that requires going undercover to infiltrate them, or finding someone in the organization willing to turn spill the beans. It’s always high-stakes, dangerous, and full of suspense. So get ready: These eight great mystery and thriller books will bring you underground (sometimes literally) to explore villainous organizations at many different levels and spill some dark secrets.