BODIES BODIES BODIES: The Next-Gen Cozy Mystery

NovelSuspects_The Next-Gen Cozy MysteryAbout fifteen minutes into the new thriller, BODIES BODIES BODIES, I heard myself ask aloud, “Wait… is this a cozy mystery?”

The answer is yes. Granted, the film is much gorier than most cozies, but the other tropes are all present, if repurposed for the next generation. After all, the cozy mystery has been a beloved subgenre for decades… what’s not to love? Here are a few ways that BODIES BODIES BODIES falls into the cozy mystery category, and if you’re a cozy mystery aficionado or fanatic, these are reasons for you to see this film:

A village setting

“Village” is short-hand for a contained setting, one that can’t easily be entered or exited, so the reader (or viewer) has a controlled scene without a ton of variables.

In the film, our “village setting” is David (Pete Davidson)’s family mansion. His closest friends and their plus ones (and one friend who’s not-so-close anymore) all gather for a Hurricane Party. Basically, they’ll hunker down with glowsticks and recreational substances for the duration of a tropical storm, which, all things considered, is a pretty responsible way to party during a disaster, if that’s your thing. It also means that all the victims, all the suspects, and the murderer(s) themselves are already here. See? Cozy.

Amateur sleuths

Usually, cozy mysteries feature a little old lady librarian to solve the case, or someone equally as unassuming or unqualified regarding crime. In this case, it’s a bunch of drunk and high twentysomethings who’re bad-tripping at the moment the electricity fails because of the storm. Definitely amateurs. Plus, the combination of the storm, the dark, and an actual murder, foments a real paranoia among the friends and newcomers, which adds to the cozy mystery mystique.

Many plot twists

It might go without saying, but amateur sleuths don’t have professional training, and their assumptions and intuitions and paranoias often lead to the plot twists… or subsequent crimes. In the case of BODIES BODIES BODIES, the plot goes a little meta, which is a fun twist in itself.

The partygoers are all playing a game like “mafia” when there is an actual murder, so we even begin with a twist. Not to mention, every time there’s a death, we get new clues, new theories, new suspects, and of course, new twists.

The answer was right in front of you all along.

I don’t want to give too much away about the ending, so I’ll just say that these four components a cozy mystery maketh. There’s no great leap of logic at the plot’s conclusion, and there’s no cliffhanger. There’s a real ending that makes complete sense… and you’ll never see it coming, even though maybe you should have.

Basically, if you love a cozy mystery but you want a different kind of “village setting,” you might be the perfect audience for BODIES BODIES BODIES. Similarly, if you’ve seen and loved the fun of the film, you’ll probably like these cozy mysteries:


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