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Janet Evanovich on Her Newest Novel ‘The Recovery Agent’

Janet Evanovich on Her Newest Novel 'The Recovery Agent'NS: Gabriela Rose is such an intriguing character. She’s a recovery agent who’s ‘hired by individuals and companies seeking lost treasures, stolen heirlooms, or missing assets of any kind.’ What came first when mapping out The Recovery Agentthe character or the plot? We’re dying to know…are recovery agents a real thing??  

JE: The general idea of a global adventure story came first. The characters came next and then the plot. I suspect there are people who do various kinds of recovery work although I don’t know any personally.

NS: Though you’ve co-authored numerous books, you’re best known for your Stephanie Plum series. Your latest book in the series, Game On, had stellar reviews and proved to be as intriguing and fast-paced as the last. Can fans expect the same whiplash speed and humor in The Recovery Agent? Are there any similarities between Gabriela and Stephanie that long time fans of yours can expect or is this a whole new adventure all its own? 

JE: This is a whole new adventure and there are more differences between Stephanie Plum and Gabriela Rose than similarities. That’s the great part of taking on a new writing project. I get to create a new world with fun characters.  Readers expect my books to be fast-paced and laced with humor and I work hard not to disappoint. Truth is I don’t know how to write without the humor.

NS: This novel takes place in the wilds of Peru and though it’s filled with suspense, it reads more like a Hollywood adventure story. What type of research went into crafting this novel? Were you able to visit the jungles of Peru yourself?  

JE: I’ve never been to Peru, but I know several people who’ve spent time there. And I did a lot of Googling.

NS: You began your career as a romance novelist before delving into mystery suspense. What made you transition into a new genre and what is the best thing about writing in one genre over the other?

JE: It wasn’t so much of a transition as a marriage. I took the things I loved about romance (The positive characters. The rush of initial attraction between two people.  The happy endings.) and I combined them with the things I loved about crime fiction (The adrenalin kick from sudden danger. The triumph of good over bad. A story line that involves more than the development of a relationship.)

NS: Do you have any fun or interesting writing rituals that help you get into the flow of starting a new book?  

JE: No. None at all. It’s always easy for me to start a new book. I love beginnings. It’s finishing the book that’s hard.

NS: Whether it’s the Stephanie Plum novels, your Fox and O’Hare series co-authored with Steve Hamilton, or any other number of titles you’ve worked on, what makes your books stand out is the heavy emphasis on character and how you can match that with quick writing and unexpected twists. After authoring dozens of books, how do you continue to come up with fresh ideas for both your characters and plots?  

JE: Wine and a bag of chips.

NS: What can readers expect next for Gabriela Rose? 

JE: Gabriela has a whole treasure chest of maps and diaries to keep her busy. And then there’s Rafer Jones…

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