Novel Suspects Insider’s Club FAQ

Q. Why Novel Suspects Insider’s Club?

A: We are a community of crime readers brought to you by Hachette Book Group. We open our book request forms four times a year. Once per quarter, you can expect a selection of books from across HBG’s various imprints. On top of offering dozens of ARCs per quarter, we also host sweepstakes and contests that are exclusive to our influencer program. Unlike many other programs, you’ll find we spotlight both new and backlist authors, which gives our program members chances to receive both ARCs and finished copies of their favorite crime novels.

Q. I signed up for Novel Suspects Insider’s Club. What’s next?

A: Welcome to the club! Please check out our social media platforms (@novelsuspects) to get an idea of what we’re all about. Once you receive your first newsletter, you are free to start requesting via the quarterly request form. If you have more specific questions or requests, please reach out to the Novel Suspects Community Manager at

Q. Can I still email book requests to you?

A. While it’s easiest to keep track of everything in a form, we understand that some of you are planning ahead of time. If you are emailing us, please include your mailing address, the name and link to your platform and/or social media channels.

Q: When do shipments occur?

A: Shipments per book may change depending on the format of the book. We work with every imprint at Hachette Book Group that offers mysteries, thrillers, and true crime. Each imprint has its own system for shipping ARCs, which may cause shipping delays. We appreciate your patience as folks send out books. We’ve opened a form for questions you may have regarding your book shipments!

Q. Can I recommend books for Novel Suspects Insiders Club?

A.  We do take a limited number of book recommendations. Not all of our books requested will be approved. We are a Hachette Book Group company, so please keep recommendations within the HBG family. We will not accept recommendations for non-HBG mysteries & thrillers.

Q. I filled out the request form. How will I know if I’ve been approved for the books?

A. We fulfill all requests from the order form as long as you fill it out in the time the form is open. We keep it open for about two weeks. If something comes up and we cannot fulfill, we’ll be in touch.

Q. I received a book I requested and I don’t like it. What should I do?

A. You are not obligated to leave a review, but if you do want to leave one it should be honest. Send us an email if you want to discuss further. We understand that you aren’t going to like every book you receive. You can still tag us in the reviews, but please do not tag authors.

Q. I received a book and I don’t have time to read it. What should I do?

A. As stated above, we do not expect you to review each and every book that you receive. We understand so many factors can come up. Sometimes sharing on social when you receive the book is the only action that fits your schedule and that’s fine. In each newsletter, we do ask that you share at least one review from the previous/current month so we can be sure you remain active. You can leave us a note on the request form with any concerns.

Q: Are you running blog tours?

A: No

Q. Do you use NetGalley?

A. Currently, we do not use NetGalley. All requests will be for physical copies or audiobooks. eBooks can be requested via NetGalley from Hachette Book Groups’ individual imprints/divisions.

Q:  Where can I get assets for my reviews?

A: There are excerpts, buy links, descriptions, and book covers available on our website. When you receive the email, click on the book you’d like information on and you’ll be directed to the appropriate page.

Q: I’m a blogger who doesn’t live in the United States and would like to receive review copies.

A: Due to world rights, we cannot approve all international requests.

Q: Will you share our posts on social media?

A: We can’t promise to share all of them on social, but please tag us. If we are interested in using your content on any Novel Suspects platform, we will contact you. You may also fill out the review form here. It will be automatically assumed content submitted this way may be used on our newsletter, social, and/or website.

Q. What’s the best timing when it comes to posting reviews?

A: If you read a book early and want to share the love, you should. Early buzz and reviews really help. We do encourage you to remind your followers about the book or reshare your review around release day too.

Q. What are some other ways we can support authors?

Following them on your social media platforms of choice. Don’t forget BookBub. Leaving reviews on Goodreads and online retailers is great. You can also subscribe to newsletters from your favorite authors. Word-of-mouth is also huge. Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors!

Q: What hashtags do you like to see in posts?

A: We encourage all reviewers to use #novelsuspectsinsiders, author name (i.e. #harlancoben), and series name or book name (i.e. #win).

Q: How do I know if I got accepted for a limited copy title?

A: To ease some confusion about readers’ requests for limited copies, we’ll be sending an email out to folks who are approved of those tiles. If our submissions window closes and you do not receive an email within 48 hours, you were not selected for the title. If you have a shipment inquiry, please fill out this form.

Last updated: May 2023.