A Mesmerizing Epic Dark Fantasy

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By Sophia Slade

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To stop a vicious demon’s conquest, nightmares and humans will band together in book one of a heart-stopping new dark fantasy series. 

Wren is a nightmare: a deadly manifestation of the frightening dreams of humans. She is forever bound to the insidious Para Warwick, the only night creature who can cross the boundary between the dream and waking realms. When she fails to retrieve information on a weapon that could finally end Warwick’s reign and is severely punished, she makes a snap decision to aid the growing rebellion in finding it. Here, she meets Alaric, another nightmare hell-bent on atoning for his sins. Though wildly suspicious of one another, they form a tentative pact to take down Warwick once and for all. 

The waking world is no better off. Prince Caine Fallon, Warwick's ignorant human son, prepares to wed Ila Enevoldson, the young queen from a neighboring kingdom. But Ila is more than she seems: She is a weaver, a protector of the ancient Boundary that separates the realms, and she has lost a precious weapon entrusted to her. She will do anything to retrieve it, including agreeing to an engagement with the son of her sworn enemy.  

When Caine catches Ila opening a portal to the dream realm and follows her through, he finds himself in a universe stranger than he could have imagined, where his father is more monstrous than he could have fathomed. Their destinies collide with those of the two lethal nightmares, and they are forced to band together to stop the vicious dictator—and prevent the very fabric of reality from unravelling. 

From TikTok sensation Sophia Slade (@theneonvulture), a stunning new voice in epic fantasy, comes this dark, romantic tale about a world split in two and the four misguided souls who must come together save it, for fans of Holly Black and Hannah Whitten. 


  • “An immersive, richly imagined world that is as detailed as it is sweeping, with a complex and compelling ensemble cast ... Nightstrider is a dynamic and addictive dark fantasy thrill ride.”
    Ava Reid, #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Study in Drowning
  • "Expertly balancing four powerful and unique perspectives across a richly imagined world of dreams and monsters, NIGHTSTRIDER is the action-packed, propulsive fantasy debut of your most vivid nightmares."
    K. M. Enright, K. M. Enright, author of Mistress of Lies
  • "Slade weaves magic into the words and worlds of Nightstrider. Nothing short of enchanting."
    Isabel Agajanian, author of Modern Divination
  • "A masterpiece of a nightmare. Readers will find themselves dragged willingly at knifepoint into the sharp, brutal, yet lush worlds in Nightstrider."
    E.J. Mellow, author of Song of the Forever Rains

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Sep 17, 2024
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544 pages

Sophia Slade (Photo Credit: Julie Hanson)

Sophia Slade

About the Author

Sophia Slade has been writing since she was still losing her baby teeth. She independently published seven books ranging from dark fantasy to poetry before signing with Orbit Books. Sophia is a graduate of New York University and now lives in the Midwest with her lovely husband and their two cats, Mothman and Matcha. She loves antiquing, twenty one pilots, and frogs. 

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