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Praise for Walter Mosley’s Easy Rawlins Books

Sara Paretsky, author of the V.I. Warshawski mysteries…

‘It’s hard to pick a favorite Easy Rawlins, but in these times, I’d have to say, Little Scarlet. As always, Mosley tells a gripping story, but following Rawlins as he unpicks the threads binding riots, crime, race, politics and history, also offers the reader a searing look at race in America.”

S.A. Cosby, author of BLACKTOP WASTELAND…

“I think Black Betty is my favorite Easy Rawlins novel.  It carries the weight of Easy’s choices and what those choices have done to his life.

George Pelecanos, author of THE MAN WHO WENT UPTOWN… 

White Butterfly was the first Easy Rawlins book I read, so I remember it best.  But, really, you could close your eyes, choose any Mosley novel, and come up with a winner.  He’s that good.”

Ryan Gattis, author of THE SYSTEM…

“Propelled by a captivating plot—one laced with piercing social commentary on the 1965 Watts Uprising—Little Scarlet is an atmospheric masterpiece.”

Ben Winters, author of UNDERGROUND AIRLINES

“The most famous of the Easy Rawlins mysteries is obviously the first one, Devil in a Blue Dress, and deservedly so; but for me, it’s A Red Death, the followup, that reads like a true detective-fiction masterpiece. Mosley’s multilayered, memory-haunted, sad and tough and curious hero is fully in place, and so is his extraordinary, almost supernatural ability to render the true deep sense of a place or a person; among them at least one character as indelible as Rawlins, the Jewish Communist union organizer Chaim Wenzler.”

Michael Koryta, author of IF SHE WAKES

“Walter Mosley is a master of the craft on levels from macro to micro, able to simultaneously explore the social issues of our day and compel the reader to keep turning pages. In the Easy Rawlins saga he has managed to be both prolific and near-perfect on the page, consistently producing works that vary widely in all areas but one: quality. The Easy Rawlins books will outlive all of us.”