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What We’re Watching This Summer

It’s bound to be a hot summer, and we aren’t just referring to all of the action and suspense movies and TV shows premiering this season. If you need to cool off or take a break from the sun, here are some of the best action and adventure movies, TV series, and adaptations you’ll want to catch this summer, preferably in some AC and with a bucket of popcorn.

Those Who Wish Me Dead Movie

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Those Who Wish Me Dead by Michael Kortya gets the movie treatment in this adaptation! Starring Angeline Jolie, this movie follows Hannah, a former smokejumper who is struggling with the guilt she feels for being unable to prevent the deaths of four people in a wildfire. She’s stationed in a fire watchtower in the Montana wilderness when she comes across a kid named Connor, who recently witnessed the death of his father at the hands of a pair of trained killers, and is on the run. Hannah takes Connor in, but soon finds herself fighting for their survival when those contract killers deliberately start a deadly fire in order to flush them out. The movie is available on HBOMax and in theaters.



The Innocent

Netflix has found a lot of success developing Harlan Coben’s thrillers into original series, and the latest novel to get the series treatment is The Innocent. In this Spanish adaptation, Mateo is a hardworking lawyer with an unlucky past. He was a law student when he attempted to break up a bar fight, and ended up a killer when his actions took an unintended dark twist. Now, years later, he has served his time and seems to be on the way to establishing a good life for himself and his pregnant wife when a text from a stranger threatens to unravel everything Mateo has worked for. Discover more great Coben stories here.




Although not based on a book, Spiral is the latest horror movie in the Saw franchise, and it’s based on a story idea that was pitched by starring actor Chris Rock. Someone is targeting various cops, and luring them into being abducted, then they awake in an abandoned location and are presented with some grisly options alongside death. Detective Zeke Banks and rookie William Schenk are tasked with this dangerous and oftentimes brutal investigation.


Stillwater Movie


In this original legal thriller film, Matt Damon stars as Bill Baker, an oil worker in Oklahoma who is shocked when he learns that his estranged daughter is in prison in France, accused of killing another woman. Certain of his daughter’s innocence, Bill travels to France to try and help his daughter, but soon finds that this legal battle won’t be easy. He relocates permanently to France and sets to work navigating a complex and unfamiliar legal system, with the help of a French woman and her daughter. But will it be enough to free his daughter?




Amazon Prime’s TV series Bosch is based on Michael Connolly’s long-running book series of the same name. The seventh and final season will premiere in July, and it is an adaptation of Connolly’s The Burning Room. In The Burning Room, Bosch must investigate a most unusual murder case. When a man is shot in assumed gang violence, he survives but the bullet cannot be extracted. He goes on to live for years, only to die in complications from that bullet, making his death murder. But everything the police thought they knew about the crime turns out to be wrong, and Bosch must build his case from the ground up.