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Con Artists, Hoaxes, and Deceptions Fiction and Non-Fiction

Con Artists, Hoaxes, and Deceptions Fiction and Non-Fiction_NovelSuspectsThere’s something about a con, or a hoax, that arrests the reader’s attention—not because we approve of the crimes, but because those of us who are innately curious have to know how they did it. Whether it’s sniffing out how a carnival gaff defeats every player or watching Melissa McCarthy forge literary letters in Can You Ever Forgive Me, we love to learn how the slickest slippery sort pulled off their deceptions. Even though these grifts have been happening since before the Old Testament days (Jacob and Esau, anyone?) these tricksters keep upping the ante. Here are six shiny new books undertaking the art of deception just this year…




Mary Kay McBrayer is the author of America’s First Female Serial Killer: Jane Toppan and the Making of a Monster. You can find her short works at Oxford